31st meeting of the General Assembly of Inter-American Cooperation of Accreditation

IAAC 2023 & INMETRO Seminar

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The General Assembly for Inter-American Accreditation Cooperation was opened.

The Executive Committee was formed by accreditation bodies from several countries, including Paraguay, El Salvador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Ecuador, United States, Jamaica and Canada.
Andrea Melo, president of the IAAC and head of Inmetro's Accreditation Program Development Division, emphasized the opportunity to evaluate the entity's policies, operations and strategic plan. The opening was led by the superintendent of the Brazilian Association for Conformity Assessment (Abrac), Masao Ito, together with the president of the IAAC, Andrea Melo.

The event was marked by contributions from Abrac, INMETRO, UEA, UESPI, IPEM, National Secretariat for Urban Environment and Environmental Quality, BNDES, IAAC, Febraban and Ceptis. Some of the topics addressed at the seminar were: the importance of the Amazon to the world, regulatory framework and public policies, the challenges of sustainable development, the dangers of greenwashing and the effects of ESG policies.
The seminar ended with speeches by Abrac's vice president of ESG, Alexandre Xavier, who highlighted the relevant points of quality infrastructure as a tool for sustainability practices, the vital intersection between quality and sustainability, concrete impacts on all productive sectors and strategic partnerships for sustainable advancement.