1st Exhibition of Vehicles and Electric Mobility of RS

Rio Grande do Sul

PCN Brasil team
The 1st Exhibition of Vehicles and Electric Mobility was held in Rio Grande do Sul.
PCN Brasil team also participated and graced the event.
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Over the three days, the event stood out for presenting the most recent solutions in the segment, presenting a series of innovations in electric mobility, many of which were developed and produced in the region itself, which is a highlight in the automotive sector.
In addition to the product show, which covered the entire electric mobility ecosystem, the program included a series of lectures by specialists and researchers on the subject of electromobility.

Among the subjects addressed are quality infrastructure for electric mobility, auxiliary electric propulsion systems, fleet conversion methods, industry 4.0 technologies, the use of drones, among other relevant topics.
One of the highlights of the event was the announcement of the start of activities by Lecar, a Brazilian automaker that plans to produce electric vehicles in the region.