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At the seminar on March 29, 2024 in Binh Duong, we introduced Global EMC Certification System and Standard. To learn more about certifications here, please contact us to receive links to videos at our seminar.
Jack Dang - The presenter of Global EMC Certification System and Standard

- We introduce about Global Emc Certification System And Standard
- EMC includes EMI electromagnetic interference and EMS electromagnetic immunity. EMI is electromagnetic emissions caused by equipment. Affects the operation of other devices and people in the surrounding environment. EMS is the ability of a device to function properly when affected by electromagnetic interference.
- Currently, commonly used household appliances such as mobile phones, TVs, computers, drills, lighting systems, data transmission systems, wifi connections, etc. are definitely affected by electrical interference. from.reducing quality or falsifying information.
For example, when a computer is affected by electromagnetic interference that exceeds the allowable level, it will lead to crashes or, more seriously, data loss. In some cases, medical equipment is affected by radiation from LED lights, leading to erroneous measurement results
Therefore, the Special International Commission on Radio Interference (CISPR) has established an EMC standard that regulates the limits of radiated emissions.

List of our seminar topics:
Product Certification Network (PCN) & Global Compliance Laboratory (GCL)
Asean Certification System
Latin America Product Certification System
China & Taiwan Certification System
Middle East Certification System
Africa Certification System
India Certification System
Global Compliance Laboratory (GCL)
GCL Vietnam Product Testing Laboratory
Electrical Safety Testing of Product
Energy Efficiency Testing of Product
Global EMC Certification System and Standard
Global RF & Telecom Certification System and Standard
Software Verification and Certification - Cyber Security
Factory Audit

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Below is an intro video of Global EMC Certification System and Standard.