Zambia information and communications technology authority (ZICTA)

ZICTA is Zambia's certification for wired and wireless telecommunications and networks. According to 6 and 65 of 2011 under the ICT Act no. Based on the 15 of 2009, Zambia is operating a compulsory telecommunication certification system for all wired and wireless communication devices and network devices (Radio and Tele-communications Terminal Equipment) imported into Zambia.

When applying, a certificate issued by each national telecommunications regulatory agency or an organization recognized by the Zambian Telecommunications Authority (ZICTA) that proves that the telecommunications product meets Zambian standards must be submitted to ZICTA.

Application Documents:
- Type Approval Application Form and Form IC (Type Acceptance Application Form IC)
- CoC issued by the telecommunications regulatory agency designated by ZICTA or a conformity certification evaluation agency
- Evidence for model type approval fee and payment method
- Other documents required by ZICTA, etc.

Target Products:
All waited and wireless communication devices.


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