National Communications Authority (NCA)

NCA is Ghana’s wired and wireless communication certification. Based on the 2008 National Communication Authority Bill, Ghana operates a compulsory telecommunication certificate system for all wired and wireless telecommunication and network devices (Radio and Tele-communications Terminal Equipment). NCA is responsible for selecting and regulating telecommunication operators, allocating frequencies, approving telecommunications equipment, approving rates and managing the national numbering system.
All wired and wireless communication devices must submit one sample to NCA and obtain type approval for the product, and comply and satisfy international standards of RF, EMC, Environmental Health, Electrical Safety such as IEC, FCC, EN, ESTI and UL.

Target Products:
wired/wireless communication device
Ghana Standards Board (GSB)

GSB is Ghana’s energy efficiency certification. Ghana runs with mandatory appliance standards for energy efficiency. In order for importers and retailers to distribute air conditioners, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and refrigerators in the Ghanaian market, they must obtain approval from the GSB. In accordance with the energy efficiency standard, products must be tested by a testing laboratory which meets ILAC/ISO17025, then submit the documents to GSB for approval; once approved, the efficiency level needs to be displayed to conform to the labeling regulations.

Target Products:
Air conditioner, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), refrigerator


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