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TAI - PCN, visited Gangwon-do for the E-mobility industry cooperation discussion

Gangwon-do’s cooperation

Gangwon-do Economic Vice Governor, TAI Director and Vice President, PCN Asia Advisor
PCN and Thailand Automotive institute (TAI) met up in Gangwon-do Korea to discuss E-mobility industrial revitalization and cooperation.

Currently Thailand is in their early stages of upbringing the e-mobility industry. Chinese businesses are investing at the moment, however, Thailand itself wanted to develop their own capabilities. Therefore, they took action to communicate about Gangwon-do’s development network and strengthen the cooperation with different companies.

TAI currently is coordinating with Korea’s KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory), and in order to vitalize the E-mobility industry in both countries, exploration of networks and in search of more testing institutes has taken place in Gangwon do Korea. TAI also has requested Gangwon-do’s support for the exchanges between Thailand and Gangwon-do companies.

In addition, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and Gangwon-do’s conversation on promoting an E-mobility business agreement was one of the important topics. This year Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul state has passed the state legislature on tax saving benefits related to investments in the E-mobility industry. Further on, PCN has collaborated with Brazil’s PUCRS University to promote the Brazilian E-mobility industry.

Gangwon-do and Rio Grande do Sul state government cooperated to further secure a foray into the South America market, and students and researchers joined to seek ways to cooperate with Korean companies. In regards to testing, Korea’s KTL and PUCRS affiliated research institute LABELO have signed a contract for cooperation. In addition to this, Brazil’s National Institute of Standards and Technology, INMETRO and KTL have signed an MOU.

Korea's Gangwon-do and Brazil's Rio Grande Sul state government cooperate to secure a bridgehead to advance into South America, and many students and researchers are also seeking ways to cooperate with Korean companies. In particular, regarding testing, Korea's KTL and LABELO affiliated research institute under PUCRS have signed a contract for cooperation, and INMETRO, Brazil's National Institute of Standards and Technology, and KTL have signed an MOU. If PCN has been providing services centered on cooperating projects between test laboratories so far, it is now trying to expand to cooperate between local governments and governments.
Visit to DPECO
Through Gangwon-do’s recommendation, examined the DPECO factory located in Hoengseong, South Korea.