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The Eurasian Conformity mark (EAC)

Electrical safety

Individual certifications GOST-R (Russia), GOST-K (Kazakhstan), and STB (Belarus) from three different countries were integrated into the EAC mark certification of the CU (Customs Union). From 15th February 2013 and on, electrical and electronic products that operate with a rating of AC50-1000V or DC75-1500V must have a CoC or DoC according to the technical regulations set by the CU when distributing to Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Items subject to CoC under the technical regulations must issue a CoC, and although not subject to CoC, electric and electronic products that operate at AC50-1000V and DC75-1500V are compulsory for DoC. The process for DoC could be simpler than DoC, and items subjected to DoC can also go through the CoC certification process.

In case of CoC, product testing through designated testing laboratories is needed, but since many certification bodies recognized CB/CE safety reports without additional testing and issued the certificate; for continuous certification (validity period of 1-5 years), factory inspection is accompanied.

Target Products:

Electrical and electronic products rated at AC50-1000V, DC75-1500V, home appliances, personal computers, low-voltage devices connected to computers, manual portable electrical devices, electronic instruments, cables, wires, cords, circuit breakers, shutdown protection devices, and electric energy distribution devices , electrical equipment control device

Among electric and electronic products rated at AC50-1000V and DC75-1500V, the following items are subject to CoC, others are DoC compulsory

1) Home appliances (kitchen/cleaning/laundry/heating/AV equipment/lighting, etc.)
2) Personal computer
3) Low voltage device connected to computer
4) Manual/portable electronic devices
5) Electronic instruments
6) Cables, wires and cords
7) Circuit breaker and shutdown protection device
8) Electric energy distribution device
9) Electrical equipment control device
2. Excluded items
1) Electrical equipment manufactured to be used in an explosive atmosphere
2) Medical electrical equipment
3) Electric lifts and unloading equipment
4) Military (defense) electrical devices
5) Work environment barrier (pasture fence) control device
6) Electrical devices used for transporting goods
7) Electrical devices for nuclear power plant safety systems


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