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️Armenian National Institute of Standards (SARM)

SARM is Armenia's compulsory certification scheme.
Items subject to compulsory certification, such as toys, electrical products, gas appliances, etc. can be exported to Armenia after undergoing a conformity assessment procedure through a designated certification body in accordance with the requirements of the relevant technical regulations. Subjected items for conformity assessment can be conducted through the form of CoC issuance and DoC approval through a designated certification body. In the case of CoC, the validity period cannot exceed 3 years, and contents must be specified in the technical regulations. Armenia also accepts ISO, GOST, EN and Armenia's own standards (AST). According to Decree No. 616-N (2006.04.20), products imported into Armenia must be labeled in Armenian language.

Target Products
1. Toys
2. Pneumatic tires
3. Internal combustion engine fuel
4. Varnishes and paints based on synthetic base oils
5. Mineral Fertilizers
6. Safety glass used in ground vehicles
7. Antifreeze, hydraulic brake fluid
8. Tobacco
9. Electrical and electronic products
10. Civil and military weapons and ammunition
11. Polymer food contact products, polymer-based plastic products
12. Surface-active agents, cleaning agents and detergents containing surface-active materials
13. Steel products used for concrete clipping
14. Elevator
15. Cement
16. Household gas appliances
17. Paper and chemical fiber products for household public/general hygiene
18. Electrical switching devices with a voltage exceeding 1000 W


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