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PCN - LABELO, Opened an energy chamber for air conditioners


Mr. Israel Dulcimar Teiceira, LABELO Director

On May 25, 2023, LABELO's air conditioner energy chamber opening ceremony was held.

PUCRS, holds a history of 75 years, and is a Brazil representative university that has contributed greatly to the economic, social and environmental development in Brazil.

Located within the campus of PUCRS, LABELO has served as an important connection between academic, industry, and government for the past 50 years, and also contributes greatly to user safety through testing of home appliances, electronic medical devices, telecommunications, and lighting. LABELO also has one of the largest laboratory infrastructures in Latin America.

Opening Ceremony

As interest in preserving the environment by reducing pollutant emissions began to grow, effective use of energy is becoming an important assignment for society and the world. Brazil has maintained a PBE labeling program since 1984 that promotes rational energy use.

LABELO's Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency will be further promoted as an innovative test laboratory that enables faster and differentiated precision tests.


Also, a seminar titled <Evaluation of Energy Efficiency in Air Conditioners in Brazil: Perspectives from Stakeholders> was held in the morning.

Celebrating the opening of the chamber for air conditioning, speakers working in various industries gave meaningful lectures.

Ms. Alexandra Maciel from the Ministry of Mines and Energy
Mr. Thiago Rodrigues from the National Association of Electrotechnical Products Manufacturers
Mr. Rodolfo Dourado
Mr. Leandro Jose Weschenfelder