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GCL HCM, New Refrigerator Test Chamber Open

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

Chamber opening
On November 17, 2023, GCL HCM successfully completed the construction of a test chamber for refrigerators and held an opening ceremony.

This new chamber can test up to maximum 4 refrigerators.
All facilities and testing equipment were supplied by H&C Systems (

This refrigerator test chamber can be used to test overall performance, including power consumption, cooling performance, and temperature distribution. and designed according to the international standard IEC 62552.

In order to meet the internal test conditions of each refrigerator manufacturer, we can provide the desired test conditions in the range of room temperature -40℃ to 80℃ and humidity 30~90%.
Total chamber size is 4,000W x 5,500D x 3,000H.
During construction
Construction work took place over a period of three months.

The external work was started from floor installation, panel work, copper pipe system installation, and humidity system installation.

During the internal construction work, lighting and ceiling installation, power connection and temperature box were installed, and the electrical system was connected from the power panel to the control panel.

After going through all these processes, the refrigerator chamber was finally completed.

Additionally, GCL HCM is currently constructing the EMC 3M Chamber.
GCL will strive to provide the best testing services around the world.