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GCL HCM, New 3m EMC Chamber


New 3m chamber
GCL HCM almost completed the construction of a 3m chamber for EMC Test.
GCL HCM's new electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test room is equipped with the latest testing equipment, including a 3m EMC Chamber and Shield Room, RF Shield room and Control room.

This New EMC 3m Chamber's Length, width, height are 9mx6mx6m.

RF shield room: Length, width, height are: 9mx3.3mx3m
EMS shield room: Length, width, height are: 9mx4mx3.6m

Control room: Length, width, height: 9mx4mx3.2m

Internal construction work is also in progress.

GCL HCM team is working to secure optimal chamber configuration and performance according to electromagnetic wave characteristics with various experiences and accumulated technology in EMC projects.

We will guarantee performance with testing facilities capable of stable certification testing and product development testing.